Admirals wow arena cup

We are happy to announce the launch of Admirals  WoW Arena Cup. It will take place on 5th- 7th of May.

FormatRules, PrizeREGISTRATION


  • A total of 8 teams will be invited to participate in the cup that will take place on 5 ,6, 7 of May 2023.

    On Friday May 5 ro8 matches will start at 15.00 GMT. If players are late for at least 15 minutes, they are replaced with a stand-in. Ro8 series are all bo5 double elimination. The series will be played in the same order as in the brackets. The series are expected to start as soon as the previous are complete.
  • Map rules: series start on Ring of Trials arena, the team that lose first game picks next map.

    Ro8:  Bo5
    Ro4:  Bo5
    Finals: Bo7
    • Starting times:The games start at 16.00 GMT, series are played in a sequence determined in the brackets. It is the responsibility of players to estimate the starting time of their series. Please follow the announcements on our discord channel during the tournament.


    • Arena Team Composition:
      An Arena Team must have at least three players participating in each match. Teams are permitted to designate one substitute player, in addition to the starting three players. The one substitute player can be substituted in between any games during the tournament as part of the four player roster. The numbers of participating players in each match will never exceed three.

      Arena Team character compositions cannot consist of greater than one “Healer” specialization or greater than one “Tank” specialization.

      The first Engagement of every series will be played on Nagrand Arena.The losing Team of each Engagement will select the next non-played map.
      Following this selection, the winning Team will declare and lock in their composition.
      Following the winning Team’s lock-in, the losing Team will declare and lock in their composition.

      Maps in a Match series cannot be played twice until every map has been played once.

      Players experiencing connection or other issues should leave the map before the doors open.


      Broadcasting rules

      • Players and commentators that are planning to stream the cup on their channels are required to :
        1. Add our banner
        2. Create a twitch chat command !admirals
        that will show " Host stream host home page"


      • Prize Pool: 500 euro
        • 1st place -250euro
        • 2nd place -150 euro
        • 3rd place -100 euro
      Please note that the rules and format might change before the start of the cup. Please check updates.


      • 8:00 - 9:00
      • 9:00 - 10:00
        1st game
      • 10:00 - 11:00
        2nd game
      • 11:00 - 12:00
        3rd game

      Twitch Stream

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